Redmond, Oregon 7th-day Adventist Church-2017

****Service held Saturdays at 10:45am | 945 SW Glacier Ave. 541-923-0301 **(see map below)


Please join us every Sabbath morning!
Bring a friend (or more), enjoy good food!

God continues to bless our church family. Pastor Norman Versteeg personal interaction with each of us has been a real blessing. He often sends out a personal letter (hand written in beautiful calligraphy by his lovely wife, Dottie) to our church members that offer inspiration. See back of Bulletin for new hours pastor will be available.
Our pastor, and each, of us encourage each of you to be sure to study the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to 'show yourselves approved of God'. Your relationship with Jesus is yours and yours only. Make yourself available to Him as a personal friend and see for yourself what He can do for you. He loves you more than imagination can take you. Quite often when you read something again that you've previously read, it becomes a fresh thought in your mind and heart. The Holy Spirit works that way!

Our "Wonderful Wilderness Wednesdays", has come to an end for this year!
It's been a fun and enriching time for all who have participated!
Kids are all welcome to come next summer (2018) for another time of excersize & adventure.
Contact Pastor Norm at 541-389-6480 for details.

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Redmond, Oregon 7th-day Adventist Church-2017
945 SW Glacier Ave | Redmond, OR 97756-2750