Redmond, Oregon 7th-day Adventist Church-2017

****Service held Saturdays at 10:45am | 945 SW Glacier Ave. 541-923-0301 **(see map below)

Wonderful Wilderness Wednesdays - WWW

WWW will begin on June 22 and continue through August 10.
We will meet at the Redmond church at 10:00 am and plan to return at 3:00 pm.

I invite you to pray that we will have great experiences as we enjoy God and His creation!
Could it be we listen and look too much at the ugly and neglect the beautiful?

Wilderness is an ideal place to worship God.
Seventeen adults, four youth assistants, and 27 children have expressed interest in this adventure.
We hope to hike with groups of 4-8 based on age and activity desires.

Updated: Jul 22, 2016
Redmond, Oregon 7th-day Adventist Church-2017
945 SW Glacier Ave | Redmond, OR 97756-2750