Redmond, Oregon 7th-day Adventist Church-2017

****Service held Saturdays at 10:45am | 945 SW Glacier Ave. 541-923-0301 **(see map below)

Channels 23-1, 23-2, 23-3, 23-4 (antenna viewing)
Also, 3ABN radio is available on 102.1 FM

Check out the Feb 2016 copy of "The Gleaner", thank-you Lorene Ferguson.
She inserted an article covering the beginnings of CLU-TV.

This is our little 8'x8' studio space situated in a corner of our local church building in Redmond, Or. Equipment is all installed and functioning well. Gerry, Arland, and Larry are diligently monitoring the overall functioning, and continually tweaking here and there to achieve minor improvements. So much easier now since we're all within about 10 minutes away.

Praise the Lord! : People's lives continue to be changed daily by the wonderful inspirational thoughts shared by the caring staff of these individual programs that are displayed. May God continue to bless their efforts!
Check out the website at and go to 'Links' to check out websites for the other churches in our area to see what's happenning.

God has blessed in so many ways, we can definitely see His overseeing hand.
Thank-you Lord!
Monitoring and continual maintenance are more accommodating for our crew and is easier now to go in different directions, since bringing everything down off of Grizzly Mountain.
We were recently blessed by one of our church members who donated a new complete desktop computer system we needed for the new retrofitting. Thank you Marilyn!

And, if you would like to help out financially, you can contribute (and yes, it is tax deductable) to CLU-TV by using the stations' website: and follow the instructions on the Home page.
 Are you moving, or upgrading your roof antenna? We could possibly use your small roof antenna (in good usable condition) to help someone in need to view our 4 CLU-TV channels. This is something to pray about!
If you would like to help, contact Gerry at 360-624-1574. He will pass on your information to our president: Arland Sanborn. He, or one of us will willingly install it at no charge at the new location, within our local area.

Thank you!
Updated: Jun 22, 2017
Redmond, Oregon 7th-day Adventist Church-2017
945 SW Glacier Ave | Redmond, OR 97756-2750